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Feb 21, 2021

Basic Dance Steps for Everyone

Mar 3, 2021

3 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners

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Get moving with us

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Learn from the best dance choreographers. Sign up for our dance lessons today.

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Dance Choreography

Follow our dance choreography videos to learn different dance styles.

Perform Onstage

Perform onstage at our annual dance festival and get a chance to garner worldwide recognition.

Dance Festival 2021

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23 MAY

Contemporary Dance Festival

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15 MAY

Contemporary Dance Festival

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14 MAY

Contemporary Dance Festival

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Train under the best dance choreographers. Sign up for dance lessons only at Dance Studio and learn different dance styles from all over the world like tango, waltz, hiphop, ballet and more.
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Best Instructors

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Bobbi Jackson

Hip Hop

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Barbara Cotilla

Hip Hop

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Adem Smith

Hip Hop

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Marcus Stoinis

Hip Hop